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Five Easy Ways to Decrease the Risk of Breast Cancer

Health is truly man’s only wealth. Without having a healthy body, one could not enjoy all the things that he does. Even if you have all the riches in the world, this would be meaningless when you are buried six feet below the ground already. All people should make sure that they truly take care of their health.

When it comes to health talks, cancer is one of the major enemies that all should be aware of. For women, breast cancer is the biggest threat. There are a lot of ways on how females could reduce the risk of developing this disease. Here are the guidelines to help you minimize the threat of acquiring this disease.

Drink Moderately

Drinking moderately has been the slogan of all liquor companies. This is true and should be followed strictly. It is best that you limit your alcohol intake to about two or three drinks per week. Studies have shown that even small amounts of alcohol could be able to increase the risk of getting breast cancer. Physicians are recommending that one cut back on beer, wine and any other hard liquor.

Another study has shown that there is an increased link between drinking and those who developed breast cancer. The result was as high as 70%. This is especially evident on people with breast tumors that are hormone-sensitive.

Regular Exercise

Get a regular exercise regimen about three times per week;  if you do it more often, all the better. An effective exercise program will be able to increase your heart rate above the baseline level for as long as twenty minutes continuously. Walking is one form of good exercise however; vigorous exercises are more effective in cutting down your cancer risk.

Be in the Right Shape

If your weight is within the normal range for your height, make an effort to maintain this. If you are overweight, then it is time that you shed off the extra pounds. Research has shown that women who are obsese and overweight especially those who are past menopause have an increased risk of developing breast cancer. The risk increases if you had gained most weight during your adult years.

A study back in 2008 performed by researchers from the University of Texas showed that overweight and obese women had lesser survival rates from breast cancer. They are also more prone to developing aggressive diseases compared to underweight or average-weight females.

Self-Examine Regularly

It is best that you ask advice from your physician on techniques to do breast self-examination. These monthly checks are very important in knowing suspicious changes happening in your body. You might be able to detect a mass earlier than your regular mammogram.

Mammogram Exam

Getting a mammogram is recommended for all women who are aged 40 and above. Diagnosing a tumor early will greatly increase your chances of survival. This could increase positive prognosis for up to 98% if diagnosed during the early-stages. If it would be seen at the metastic stage this would decrease to 27% chances of survival.

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