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How to Stay Away from Cancer

Cancer is a debilitating chronic disease that affects millions of people in the world. You may have known someone who suffered a lot from the disease. You have seen their pain and struggle and you don’t want it to happen to you. Sometimes, you really can’t tell who gets affected by it. Through healthy living and lifestyle, your risk of getting cancer is lowered down to more than 70%. It is a habit you can start with. You will not only prevent this disease but also feel good and healthy.

Healthy Nutrition

With unhealthy diet, you can get those cancer-causing genes within you work and multiply. The best foods to eat are fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. These don’t contain chemicals that can add toxins to the body. Fish is healthy because of its low fat content. Stay away from grilled food for its char is known to cause cancer. The same goes with foods that have preservatives, those which are colored and cured.

Include foods that are known to be rich in antioxidants. These are known to help fight cancer-causing cells. One is tea. It is a great daily drink because aside from preventing cancer, it has anti aging properties. Pack up those high fiber foods. These are usually low in calories, can make you full fast and for a longer duration. Include also tomatoes which are high in lycopene, carrots with beta carotene and all types of berries with flavonoids.

Quit Smoking

There’s no best way to be healthy for smokers than quitting smoking. Smoking is the main predisposing for most types of cancers. It can kill you gradually and can eventually lower your system. It’s the hardest thing you can do but it’s the best thing you can do to yourself and others. Smoking can’t only kill you but also the people around you who can inhale your burning cigarette.

Sunscreen Under The Sun

When going out, make it a habit to always use sunscreen. The sun is really excruciatingly hot nowadays and can damage your skin. Frequent and prolonged sun burn can cause the cells in your skin to mutate causing cancer.

Regular Exercise With Adequate Hydration

Exercise will improve all your vital organs to work well. With healthy functioning, they are less risk for abnormal processes. Exercise secretes hormones that can make the person feel good, relieve pain and avoid the growth of cancer cells. Water is needed too. Dehydrated cells can’t function well leading to errors in their mechanism.

Practice Discipline

Too much of everything is bad. Knowing what amount of a certain food to take and maintaining limitations can benefit your body most. Too much alcohol can even damage your organs. Too much supplements can make you sick. Too much radiation can make those cancer cells develop. Learning how to balance everything is a challenge but in doing what’s right, your safety is achieved.

Life is to be lived once. By living healthily you can avoid having to experience the suffering of such grave disease. You will not only avoid having cancer, but also have a happy and harmonious life in moderation of everything.

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