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Identify the Causes of Pressure Sores

Pressure sores or bedsore is a type of skin damage mostly cause by the restriction of blood flow, pressure, and other causes. This condition is often seen from people who are bedridden, confined to a wheelchair, or those who exert constant pressure in a certain body part usually because of bad positioning in sleep. This problem usually occurs to old people with the given circumstances. These sores mostly over areas of the body with bony projections since they exert the most pressure on the skin. The double pressure between a solid surface and the bone projection are the usual cause of bedsores. Although these sores don’t seem to be directly deadly, they can result in a fatal infection. Once left untreated, the infected area can contaminate the bloodstream which can very well result to death. Not to worry though because treatment is easy and there are ways to reduce the occurrence of these nasty sores.

  • Pressure

This is the primary cause of bed sores. The dual pressure between the boney area of the body placed directly against a solid surface of a bed or a wheelchair can cause depressions in skin. This is primarily due to the cutoff of blood circulation in the area as a result of the pressure. This results in the skin slowly dying until the area completely decays forming the ugly sore. The normal reaction of the body to such pressure is usually pain which signals us to move. The problem is there are some of those who can’t feel pain or can’t do anything about it. This can be seen in the case of people who are paralyzed or too old to move about on their own.

  • Friction

Constant friction can cause or worsen existing sores. This usually causes the sore to open in the outer layer. This state is very dangerous because the sore becomes an open wound prone to bacteria and viruses which can cause a fatal infection.

  • Moisture

Constant exposure to moisture weakens the integrity of the skin thus making it more susceptible to pressure sores. When this happens it would be easy for pressure and friction to form the sore and rupture the outer layer of the skin. Perspiration and prolonged exposure to urine in as specific area are example of how moisture can cause bedsores.

  • Traction

The effect of traction is much like pressure. The only difference is it occurs with the stretching of the skin rather than inside out pressure. This reduces regular blood flow and results in sores in the affected area. This usually occurs when the body is wedged to something or sticks to a certain surface.

  • Poor Health Condition

The lack of body fat with malnourished individuals can hasten the occurrence of bed sores. A certain layer of fat can alleviate this pressure thus preventing the pressure from disrupting the blood flow to the skin. Sores can also result from lack of protein and other vitamins which are essential in keeping the skin healthy. A balanced diet is important and constant supervision is a must.

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