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Wellness: Living the Full Life

When we reach the age of 50 it seems like it becomes harder to maintain a healthy life. Our bones become brittle and most of our normal body functions start to go erratic. At this stage a lot of people start to give up physical activities because of bodily limitations. What we don’t know however is at these stages in life exercise is more vital than ever not only to prolong our life but to significantly increase the quality of life for those all seniors. A lot of people at this stage starts to fear physical activities and with good reason. Since we no longer have the full capacity of our physical awareness, certain physical activities make us prone to fatal accidents. There are exercises however designed specifically for seniors to help them be vibrant even so late in life.

Mental and Physical Benefits

Performing regular exercise can help seniors both physically and mentally in many aspects. These benefits greatly improve the quality of life for seniors at this particular stage in their life. Here are some of the given benefits which can be achieved through exercise;

  • Mobility and flexibility

Constant exercise can make any senior agile and thus helping them enjoy the daily activities they want to perform with vigor and renewed strength daily.

  • Weight management

Just as it helps the much younger people in weight loss or maintenance, exercise can also help seniors in the same manner. This is particularly important since maintaining an ideal weight for seniors is vital in avoiding certain illnesses like hypertension and diabetes. For your kroger health benefits, visit and register today.

  • Resistance

Regular exercise can strengthen the immunity from diseases specifically those related to put heart, bones, and mental conditions as well.

  • Improved Sleep

A good amount of sleep is needed by anyone but most of all seniors. Many times when we reach a certain age it becomes harder for us to sleep. Exercise can greatly improve sleeping habits for adults and most especially seniors.

  • Mental Wellness

Exercise can help avoid certain mental conditions that usually accompany aging. The risk for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia can be greatly reduced by exercise because of constant brain activity.

Ideal Exercises for seniors

  • Cardio Endurance Exercise

This exercise group can help improve endurance, lessen fatigue, and lessen shortness of breath. This can improve and strengthen the heart and promote independence. Activities representing this exercise include walking, hiking, swimming, cycling, stair climbing, etc.

  • Strength Training

This is centered on building up muscles to increase strength. This is important for seniors in order for them to stay active and prevent the risk of untoward accidents. It can also prevent loss of bone mass and can improve balance. The exercise for this aspect mainly involves lifting weights constantly.

  • Flexibility

This practice improves the joints in particular in order to maintain free and unrestricted motion. This can help improve daily activities involving pressures to the joints like bending over and sudden turns and twists. Simple stretching is the key to achieve flexibility.

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